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Velvet Touch

We are placing velvet On the Pedestal, because its gorgeous rich texture brings out the best in all the colors of the rainbow. Luxe on a whole other level, and now it’s established its place as a year round textile! What was once a fashion faux paux is now a fashion forward choice, and the same goes for interiors.


So, why velvet?

" I like velvet because it can be formal and casual at the same time; it has depth and dimension. It gives a plush dreamy look."

-Cheryl Baker, Principle of CDB Interiors

Velvet is as inviting as it is formal. Walking past a velvet piece you can't help but run your hand over it, while it maintains a look and air of sophistication. And talk about colors! Velvet radiates in tonal depth. We love it in pastels and the softness that makes a piece cloud-like; while we also love this fabric in rich, gem tones that really add a wow factor to a space.


B R I A R G R O V E  P A R K    H o u s t o n,  T e x a s

The concept of this space was to give this living room a formal but fun look with color and textures. This translated well with the mid-century modern inspiration in the home. With a little bit of traditional and contemporary, the velvet pillows give the right pop of color against the monochromatic backdrop of blue. Velvet works in depth. The sofa and wall are such a lovely, similar robin's egg shade, the pillows were dying to be something stunning and bright but not out of place. The soft blue doesn't fade and die out because it reflects so beautifully with the ultraviolet pillows. The space is anything but muted, while it avoids being glaring because of the richness in the fabrics and the way velvet's light is reflected and symbiotic with it's surroundings.

Color Texture and Pattern

D I A M O N D B E A C H      G a l v e s t o n,  T e x a s

In a penthouse on the beach, these velvet pillows were the perfect combination of playful and fun with the multi-color stripes and solids matched with the animal print of the custom banquette. Our client wanted their weekend home to be modern minimalism while incorporating the elements of a seaside getaway.

This bright, well-lit space craved some texture and nothing reflects light and texture like velvet. These punchy, citrus pillows don't dimly sit on the teal couch, in addition to allowing these elements to give them the balance the room needs. We love mixing compositions and using them to compliment one another. These pillows match the chairs, but the difference in the soft velvet and the sleek acrylic chairs add interest and intrigue to this happy space.

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a2989625bc135f5d3479f57c4dc4e52a copy.jpg

Velvet, as we mentioned, isn't just for interiors. Fashion keeps its stride with interior trends and choices, and this fabric is no exception. Velvet blazers, shoes, pants, dresses, and tunics are all over the fashion world right now. Just like a gorgeous piece or accent in a home, this fabric in fashion is rich, deep, and just the right element to take an outfit from "clothes" to an "ensemble."

Velvet hugs-- so it looks great on the arm of a couch or over your arm as a chic blazer. This is why it looks great in channel tufting and over the curves of a woman's body, the depth and dimension of the subject allow the fabric to take on all its radiant intensity. Light catches well with velvet so it plays great on the street as clothing and in a beautiful space. It also soaks up the color. The fading that can happen with other textiles doesn't happen as quickly with velvet. Monochromatic looks work especially well with varying finishes, and the fabric is a showstopper in this department. Light enough to be wearable, but distinctive enough to elevate, it is multi-seasonal. Whether you're sitting pretty on it or in it, velvet has the touch.