The Gray Sofa Project

Sometimes it takes one piece to anchor a room, and sometimes it's just the start of something fabulous. The Gray Sofa Project brought about a labor of love from four designers. The Houston Chronicle featured these teams in yesterdays' paper, and we couldn't be more humbled and excited to have been asked to participate in such a vivid display of art imitating life-- beauty is in the eye of the beholder and made more beautiful by the creative!

The vision was simple, as some of the best are: take an "ordinary" element of design, a gray sofa, and let us dream our room into life. At Sawyer Yards in the First Ward, we were given a playground of local vendors, dealers, and artists to create a beautifully traditional room all centered around a gray sofa. A Lam Bespoke gray sofa was flanked by two indigo chairs with a Cookie Ashton piece to draw the eye into a carefully curated room with life, depth, and the highest level of livable sophistication. The rich velvet upholstery on the sofa is carefully balanced with the brocade pillows and Marthann Masterson 's piece over the console. The Vieux Antiques, Susan Horne Antiques, Tres Bien Antiques, The Rug Mart, Nice Moves, Fleur de Vie, Mario Silva Designs and The Carbonaro Group had their hands in the dreamscape that was The Gray Sofa Project.


Diane Cowan of The Houston Chronicle writes, "The theory is that art and design live a symbiotic relationship in any home. When one is done well, it can only elevate the other." We couldn't agree more with Cowan. A space should be livable, but one shouldn't have to sacrifice style and personality within it. A room becomes art when done with loving hands and open eyes, and having fabulous artists and vendors sure helps it all tie together!