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The Golden Age

It’s all in the details and hardware is certainly not to be overlooked. Gold hardware is an easy way to lux up a space and add that richness we all crave. Amidst the Carrera marble or the flat grey bathroom cabinets, the gold knobs and faucets pop. Think of it like adding an accessory to an outfit, the hardware adds that next level touch to a room like the gentle twinklings of perfectly styled earrings.

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lumens chandelier pendent .jpg
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Some of the hardware is so attractive, it looks like jewelry for your furniture! We love gold accents too, like these lamps from High Fashion Home and the coasters from Mark and Graham. We used this beautiful flush mount in a project recently and watched the room's elegance lift with the flick of a switch! Little (or big) items that reflect gilded hardware bring added elegance and sophistication to a space. When it comes to hardware, we love the minimalistic approach with very sleek edge or an elegant, ornate antique. It is best to stay in a similar style, even if you don't keep the same metal through out-- a trend we are seeing a lot of.

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Not ready to dive in and change all your fixtures? These knobs and drawer pulls are simple changes that can make a piece look entirely different, and not cost you an arm and a leg. A white night stand becomes glamorous with the organic gold knobs, while kitchen cabinets take on a next level fabulous with acrylic and gold drawer pulls. We love the details and thought behind each of these gorgeous accessories for your space, and what an easy way to bring in the golden age.

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