Staff Spotlight Jen

Sometimes things are sweet, sometimes they are Savery. The Ole Miss grad, with an English and creative writing background, is a native Houstonian and celebrating her 30th birthday today! Jen Savery rounds out our team as the Marketing Director. Outnumbered by her two young boys and husband, Jen leans on her corgi, Polly, for some girl time at home. Her oldest son asked her, "Why do you always pick out white stuff for our house?" proving that this Staff Spotlight is well timed with our Color Crush this month. Jen loves a good cup of coffee, a stack of peanut butter cup pancakes, bathrobes, and anything French. If she could share a cheese board and some Veuve Cliquot with you, she would tell you that there is no such thing as writer's block and if you have a vision for your space, you should run after it!

Diamnd Cross.jpg

It's hot outside, so Jen is coveting a little ice this big 3-0. Lindsey Leigh Jewelry designs amazing custom pieces worth drooling over and carries a stock of baubles for everyday or for those special occasions. Jen loves this cross and the way she can wear her faith around her neck in a gorgeous diamond design. Much like the furniture and designs we love, Lindsey Leigh Jewelry has that je ne said quoi of someone who loves not only her craft, but her customers.

river Page Gregory.jpg

A long time fan of Page Gregory Matthews but never an owner of her art, Jen has been eyeing a piece to adorn her entry way. This canvas not only complements the color scheme in Jen's home, but is the perfect landscape to remind Jen of the rivers she loves. We love Page Gregory Matthews use of light, brush stroke, and color to bring this and all her art to life.

Diamond Bedside tables birthday .jpg

Jen is falling all over herself for these dressers at LAM BESPOKE (last month's Vendor Spotlight). Beauty is not sacrificed for luxury with these antique mirrored pieces she would love to flank her bed with. Atop it would be her favorite candles, a stack of books, a blessing bowl made in her beloved Oxford, MS and probably a small collection of pacifiers.

paris scarf.jpg

Jen will always have Paris. One of her favorite cities in the world was Jen's home for a time in college when her English degree brought her to the same stomping grounds as Hemingway and Fitzgerald. This scarf, though a lovely wardrobe piece, Jen actually hopes to frame and hang in her office. Michael's is nearly unmatched for their fabulous frame work and their competitive pricing. While returning to this city might be a long term goal, we love the mixed media use in wall art with this framed scarf map!


Jen's best gift is, of course, her two precious boys. Her home is full of laughter, wresting, trains, and coffee cups because of her children and is ultimately happiest wherever the boys, her husband, and doggie, Polly, are.

Polly .jpg