Anyone have that co-worker you most look forward to seeing? Meet Sheldon, the office official mascot and true teammate. What weight he is actually pulling, we aren't sure, but office morale is better because he is always their to rifle through a bag or win a staring contest. Sheldon is as important a fixture at the office as any ginger jar or striped pillow, and we wish he could read this and be as flattered as we are infatuated with him!

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CDB Interiors is made up of animal lovers. Though not a pre-requisite, it is a preferred characteristic for our team with Sheldon leading that charge. Sheldon loves a good game of purse hide-and-go-seek, basking in the morning sunlight, and making sure is isn't left out of any conversation. A light tabby, Sheldon loves bright interiors and bright accessories himself. Though he can easily fade into some of the neutrals in our office, Sheldon does anything but act like a wallflower! The office cat with tons of sass, Sheldon deserves a spotlight