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 Raising the Bar

CDB Interiors has noticed an upswing in bars requested by our clients, so we wanted to place them and the accessories that make it special On the Pedestal. From diamond glass doors for storage, to gilded shakers and glasses, a bar or bar cart (for those with a little less space) adds a certain sophistication to your after work hours. Leather coasters by Mark and Graham give a masculine accent to a bar, and their beautiful round highball glasses add intrigue and detail to a seemingly empty corner of the house. A bar doesn’t have to take up a whole wall (though it can!), but it should be a special place. It’s just a cart or a counter without the right details. As is the case with this beautiful bar by CDB Interiors, backlighting below the cabinets and within make an extra statement and give this crisp space the attention it deserves

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We took our own advice and decided to add a bar car to the office! We ordered our bar cart from Wayfair (link in image below) and we chose one that had a Gatsby-like deco kind of design on the glass top and beautiful matte gold finish. Next, we selected glasses, an ice bucket, and coasters. The beauty of a bar cart is that it doesn't have to all match, and we liked tying in different textures and finishes, but keeping the golden hue at the center.

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We added a white marble tray from Target to set our glasses on. A little bit of height and dimension always adds interest to a space, even small one. Lemons in a white bowl have a fresh brightening feel and they looked lovely next to the delicate Juliska champagne glasses. We found that adding some height really make our fresh peonies pop. We placed them in a beautiful blue vase atop some neutral colored books in order to the let the flowers and the vase's color really stand out. While books and a small painting might not seem functional at a bar cart, just like a full size bar it is about whatever makes you smile. A little bit of art and florals certainly liven up any space, and the bar cart is no exception. Finally, we finished with a bottle of Veuve!