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Patina actually means “an impression or appearance of something,” and our impression is that the appearance of patina is worthy of being placed On the Pedestal! When copper ages, it takes on a new dimension due to the oxidation over long periods of time. This aging doesn’t actually age a piece though, it gives it rich tonal changes that make us wonder if older is better. From sea foam green to brilliant turquoise, we are seeing more and more pieces purposefully oxidized to create the perfect patina.

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Patina and oxidization creates the perfect imperfect décor pieces. Patina is the result of copper and bronze’s continuous contact with moisture in the air over time. It is as if Mother Nature were putting a glaze on metal handiwork—and her work is flawless in the flaws! If you don’t have a few decades to wait around for Mother Nature to pull out her paint brush, Decorative Painter’s products can create imitations of pieces with rich and elaborate histories.

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