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Spring simply calls for pastels. The gorgeous almost watercolored softer shades deserve a place On the Pedestal. Easter is a fabulous time for these gentle colors to make a bold entrance into our wardrobes, but our spaces as well! Pastels are calming and give a serene atmosphere to any space. Mints, butter yellows, blushy pinks, moody blues, and luscious lilacs should invade any and every space as far as we are concerned.

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Speaking of new, after a season of rich, dark colors and heavy textures, pastels are as inviting as the warm weather! Textiles become lighter and so do the shades we so crave. Linens, silks, cottons, jute espadrilles and ratan purses-- it's an au natural season, and pastel shades that reflect the shades of flowers blossoming outside too. Pastels look lovely on any skin tone-- from the fairest of all, to darker shades. Whether worn in sleek monochrome look or color blocked, pastels are fresh and inviting. They can be highly feminine when worn as a pretty skirt or in a gingham print, or make a more masculine shape, like an oxford shoe or a blazer, intriguing and very high fashion. Head-to-toe or in a delicate pop, we are blushing for pastels!

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Pastels in interior design have a soft, inviting glow to them. They're warm, but also have cooler undertones so they keep a space feeling bright. Pastels are inviting and calming to any space. When pastels are color blocked, they have a mid-century to modern style to them; when they are used as accents, they can either pop or become a neutral with bolder colors surrounding. Pastels are a smooth and palatable way to bring color to a space without feeling like you've drenched yourself in neutrals, but want to bring some soft color into the frame. Pastels work any time of year, not just spring, but they certainly just feel right in this delightful season of newness.