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Needle and Thread

While we always love antiques, we are excited to see needlepoint make a glorious comeback! Whether it’s vintage or brand new, we love the depth and richness these unique pieces bring. From bathroom vanity pedestals to pillows, we are seeing needlepoint add texture and prints in otherwise bland designs. And because fashion and interior design tend to trend together, we are loving needlepoint make its way in fashion too. Stubbs and Wootton have a long standing tradition as the go-to for needlepoint loafers and in his and hers designs for all styles. A local Houston vendor By Paige has delightful designs as well. Styled with relaxed boyfriend jeans and a crisp blouse, or sleek, cropped trousers, needlepoint loafers look anything but lazy.

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These wonderful pieces don’t have to be a stand alone in a sea of beige either. Eclectic and eccentric spaces work fabulously with needlepoint pieces. We love seeing ikat designs and cool abstract patterns along with the more traditional schemes. That’s the beauty of this distinctive design, it works no matter the style or aesthetic.

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Needlepoint is a quintessentially English art form. Drama, depth, color, and gorgeous details embody all needlepoint pieces. Mixing patterns and prints with needlepoint creates an intriguing interplay between the colors and textures in the space. Whether you use complimentary colors in a needlepoint piece to draw the eye to it or another item or the room is awash in one palate, needlepoint pieces are sure to elevate a space.