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Along with resolutions of health and wellness, there is no wellness comparable to getting the kind of reset and mindfulness that comes from a cozy home. We have picked some of our favorite decompression items. A snuggle-worthy throw from William Sonoma and Barefoot Dreams robe that must be made from marshmallows is the start to a perfect new year full of the right kind of rest. Skyn Iceland Skincare cooling eye gel patches deserve a place On the Pedestal. Wrap us in our robe and stick these sweet little de-puffin patches on and we are ready for a Netflix night in or just some down time after a long day at work. At CDB Interiors, we believe in making your home a place you not only want to invite people over to, but find solace in.

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Having your favorite blankets in a basket by your couch not only looks chic, but you can take it as permission to rest and recharge. Investing in some quality throws that aren’t just beautiful, but also functional is a microcosmic way of how we view interiors– functional, livable space that looks and feels like home. Speaking of baskets, decluttering and organizing doesn’t have to mean your life goes in plastic storage bins. Linen-lined baskets keep your space tidy, while also lending warmth and depth to your home. Make up and beauty products needn’t be strewn on the counter or rolling around in a drawer– acrylic organizers are not only practical, they look stylish and chic.

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“Your home is a reflection of you, and being in tune with its energy allows you to create positive changes in your life. “ – Tisha Morris

Little efforts such as making the bed and letting in natural light make your home an oasis. Making the bed actually helps you sleep better and make you more productive during the day. And when you use lovely linens like these from Pine Cone Hill, it’s easy to see how those little habits transform a space. Let natural light stream in for extra Vitamin D and keep plants in your home for added air purification and gorgeous natural décor. Consider, too, using lamp light instead of harsh overhead lighting. Not only do those fluorescents have an “office” feel to them, lamp light creates a warmer glow and help you wind down more after a long day.

Lighting your favorite candles when you get home also adds sensory responses for de-stressing. Scent is the strongest link to memory, so use this to your advantage and light the same candle every day when you get home and your body will start to unwind as you breath in your favorite fragrance. We particularly love the Mokara mercury glass candles from Anthropologie and Lafco reed diffusers. The hand blown glass is art in and of itself! The luxurious fragrance will make your home more relaxing with just one inhale.

Our homes should be our ultimate escape, our ultimate place of rest. With the right linens, light, and scents, your home can become the respite we need in the busyness right outside our doors.

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Speaking of energy, we have started adding yoga into our daily routine, and we are seeing the benefits. Not only do we feel stronger, but we are breathing deeper and learning the benefits of routine with exercises like yoga. Yoga Pod offers one week of free classes, so you can figure out which classes stimulate you the most. From relaxation practices to strength and toning, we are loving all the ways yoga is bringing peace—physically and mentally.

Brett Gallagher of Avenu Fitness (located in West U and River Oaks) points out, "even a walk after work is progress and exercise." Gallagher says that it isn't about hours at the gym, "but wellness and self care and "fitting in what you can." In 2018, it might be time to adjust schedules a bit here and there to accommodate for some much needed wellness and health.

Brandon Alred of Rhokee CrossFit (located in the Heights) points out, "Fitness at its core is about being prepared and capable for a certain task. Whether that task is team sports, chasing toddlers, or just feeling better in your normal day, fitness should be translating to our real daily lives." Alred hopes to "impact all aspects of our daily lives" and because "unhealthiness is our body's way of telling us we are living outside the best version of ourselves." The best version of ourselves is one that is challenged, pushed, changed by our strengths and our weaknesses.

This new year is sure to bring challenges, but we hope to create minds, bodies, and homes that bring peace and solace in the storm of daily mundanity. Small efforts turn into habits, and those habits can make your space, you body, your mind just that-- yours.