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May we tell you what we are placing #OnthePedestal? Our love list is bursting with succulents, animal print, yellow, and our Vendor Highlight of Aria Stone Gallery. Summer is almost here so we are taking a walk on the unexpected wild side.

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Wild Side

Meow. We are wild about animal prints. Did you know that animal prints have become a neutral now? That’s right. You can use them as an accent or to balance out a dramatic room. With brights, with neutrals, with pastels, animal prints roar loud and clear! These beauties are natural but also fierce. We are excited to put animal prints on #OnthePedestal.


Here Comes the Sun!

The sun is out and we want to be awash in golden hues! Yellow doesn’t have to be the custardy colors we see on nursery room walls, and yellow doesn’t have to be infantile. In fact, the golden, warm shades we are placing #OnthePedestal are anything but baby proof! Yellow is inviting and sophisticated in interiors and in wardrobe. We love how different textiles allow for different depth and the warmth of yellow hues is radiating.

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We are not in a desert when it comes to botanical prints and accessories, or are we? Succulents are all over the interior design world in greenery and in print. Adorned on a window sill or in a fabulous window treatment, these cacti are making a mark. Lest we forget, succulents have also emerged in the fashion world.


Vendor Spotlight: Aria Stone Gallery

Aria Stone "believes each stone is a unique piece of artwork" and their perfectly curated collection has us rocking out. Our clients satisfaction is always guaranteed when we get to use this vendor, so they have well earned their place #OnthePedestal. Rather than fulfilling a stock-list, Aria chooses stones that are unique and works of art.

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Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year, the one where you open your closet to grab a light sweater and realize you should be on an episode of Hoarders. Spring cleaning is here. And cleaning doesn’t just mean declutter, it is a time to restructure schedules, reorganize that junk drawer, and make the day-to-day a more organized system. Venture over to The Container Store for your behind-the-scenes declutter and streamline, but don’t feel like everything needs to hide in a closet. We love following @thehomeedit on Instagram and seeing the beautiful ways they clean house. Organization can be chic and a total game changer. Baskets and open shelving is on trend and #OnthePedestal.


Staff Spotlight: Mindy Voyles

Where would we be without someone keeping track of the money? Mindy is a vital and integral part of our team. Never one to crave the spotlight, it makes us all the more excited to shine on Mindy and give her the credit she deserves!