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March Madness

It's March and Spring has arrived as far as we are concerned! We are placing all things fresh On the Pedestal. From green interiors to green appliances to the real deal green house plants, it is time to feel alive and natural this time of year. We love our march into March, adorned with current trends that have a more classic vibe and the ways that details can make the space. Our Vendor Spotlights are on Mitchell Gold +Bob Williams and Design Within Reach, the go-to's for taste making and superior chic interiors. Our Staff Spotlight Associate Designer Kari Nelson personally loves these vendors and we love her! Enjoy the greens of Spring with CDB Interiors this March!

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Gallery Walls

There is something sweet and special about gallery walls. The deconstructed method to the chaos kind of look you get with a gallery wall tells a story in your space. From family photos, to meaningful art, to cool vintage finds, we are placing gallery walls and all that you display on them On the Pedestal!

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Don’t think grandma’s kitchen when we say, “wallpaper!” The once dated look is back and we are loving the facelift this classic style is getting! From Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia line to Cole & Sons, we love adding wallpaper, especially in unexpected places and spaces. A half bath becomes a whole new room with some special print on the wall. An accent wall in an office or bedroom brings to life the space with the right wallpaper.

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Green with Envy

Spring is sprung, and shades of green are everywhere. From St. Patrick’s Day to the Masters, to all our yards coming back to life, we are placing green On the Pedestal. We love this shade for its vast array of use. It’s organic, it’s cool and multi-dimensional, it’s not shy but doesn’t become an attention-hog either. Green looks crisp and put together, but unfussy and clean. Green makes a statement, and that statement is polished and smart without being drab. We love mixing green in neutral spaces, but we also love how it can become a neutral as well.

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Who knew what we learned in high school math would come in so handy for interiors? Hexagonal tiles, rectangle shiplap, triangular millwork—and no need for a protactor! We love seeing geometrics come out in wooden details and tiles, hardwoods, and backsplashes. Shape is an easy way to add depth without adding fuss.


Tall, Dark, and Handsome

We love seeing dark woods come back. Darker floors make lighter walls seem taller and the room seem bigger. Give a room depth and extra space with darker floors and add square footage without knocking down a wall. Dark wood doesn’t end with the floors, we are jumping on board with dark furniture and wooden accents as well. Dark pieces are stately and attractive; they hold their own and look grown up and sophisticated. Dark works for paint colors as well. Providing a contrast makes a room deeper and the complimentary colors and pieces brighter.

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Getting Your Greens

Florals for spring. Groundbreaking, right? Maybe its the darker shades throughout winter or the actual thaw, but we love florals and greenery especially this time of year. Faux or fresh, in print of in a terra-cotta planter, spring has sprung and we are ready for our greens.

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Color Me Pretty

Colored appliances, a once retro look, is in and chic as all get out! We love color and needn't be afraid of it, including in our appliances. No need to hide our appliances behind panels or wash them out with stainless steel any longer, let your true colors show! Colored appliances are easier to clean and show fewer smudges, but practicality aside, the color softens up a room usually full of functionality. And with kitchens being the most occupied room in the house, we love giving this space a little love.

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Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and Design Within Reach

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams assembled a team of twenty-three people with a mission in mind: to make the world a comfortable and stylish place. Heralding from North Carolina, the team has grown to over seven hundred people and maintain a place as one of the design tastemakers of interior world. And home isn’t where they stay, though any piece from their design is sure to stun! Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pieces are found in high end hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces that want to take their space to the next level of luxury.

Design Within Reach, founded in 1998, exists solely to make modern design accessible and authentic. They won’t be anyone’s copycat or lookalike, they are the real deal and all their own. Not only do they aim to keep their pieces in stock, but they have traveled Europe to establish classics that their clients can actually use in their spaces. DWR are providers of modern design, within reach!

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Kari Nelson

This peony-loving Mid-Westerner deserves a place On the Pedestal! The Associate Designer of CDB Interiors is a graduate of the University of Alabama and isn’t one to shy away from color. When asked what her favorite hue is, she replied, “Bold!” Love it. Kari’s favorite place is wherever she can be creative, so CDB Interiors is the right spot for her. A lover of ghost chairs, Sheldon the office cat, and succulents, Kari brings the sass and spunk to the office. Any of the gorgeous Mid-Century Modern items are surely our Staff Spotlight’s pick! She would love to adorn the living room, her favorite room in the house, with Mid-Century pieces and we are all in for her eye for design!