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Lulu & Georgia and Viyet

We are excited to place two of our favorite brands On the Pedestal. Lulu & Georgia and Viyet have certainly earned their prowess in the design world for being original.


Lulu AND Georgia

Lulu and Georgia have us all blushing and turning rosy pink with desire over these lavish pieces. Our wish is to place all of these somewhere special in the home or office. The rich, girlish shading partnered with the lux gilded gold tones make for extra depth in any space. Lulu and Georgia, an L.A. based interior design company named for the founder’s grandfathers, boasts making accessible décor for the style obsessed. Finds at Lulu and Georgia include vintage, global, on trend, and classic. We love their take on the Millennial Pink trend in these pieces that feel fresh with gilded and tonal elements. And when the details are this good, you don’t need a “more is more” vibe, just imagine this gorgeous wishbone on a white marble coffee table, stacked lovingly on your favorite Chanel and Lanvin décor book. One of our favorite fashion bloggers designed the "Garden Party" rug we are loving. Finding that their niche is truly anything the heart desires, Lulu and Georgia is a go-to for designers who want awe-inspiring items, from furniture to decor.

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We can see you blushing from here.

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Viyet boasts itself as “the design aficionado's destination to buy and sell timeless furniture.” Louise Youngson-Klasfeld is the Scottish-born beauty and brains behind Viyet. A lifetime of traveling and craving beautiful pieces with a story, Youngson-Klasfeld has created a market for buying new, like new, and vintage furniture that is sure to astound.The team at Viyet isn’t just posting furniture to buy, but seeking and selling pieces one simply can’t live without, and styling it very, very well. Carpets and rugs and patterns galore, they are not shying away from the bold and beautiful.

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Viyet makes sure every piece gets her moment in the sun and their design aesthetic is breathtaking.