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Can you smell summer? We are ready for the long sun-drenched days on our porches with a cold drink. Diving right in to the season of exodus from home or just enjoying a BBQ on your patio, we love putting all things summer On the Pedestal! Tangerine, travel bags, and Sunbrella fabric are sure to make your summer a splash. And this month we are celebrating a very special birthday girl! join us on the blog and see what is sure to make your summer go swimmingly!


My Darling Clementine

Orange you glad it's summer? Make a splash with this fabulous citrus shade. It's as warm and inviting as the summer sun. Orange adds a perfect punch to any interior or wardrobe. We love seeing orange paint, orange upolstry, orange accessories, and pops of orange in a summer wardrobe. A happy color, tangerine refreshes and makes every color around it pop as much as a bottle of Veuve Clicquot!

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We don't need to believe in magic, we see it with our own eyes! Sunbrella is the fabric for the good, bad, and ugly of any environment. This wipe it down and move on fabric makes indoor and outdoor spaces spill safe, so let the good times roll! Sunbrella comes in a multitude of shades, patterns, and styles. Sunbrella takes its well-earned place On the Pedestal!


Drifting Away

Drifting away sounds like a lovely summer goal. And we are placing driftwood and sea glass On the Pedestal as the summer naturals. We love washed out beautifully turned branches of driftwood and the story they tell. Sea glass whispers tales of green and blue waves, tossing it about and washing up on the shores of our spaces in gorgeous glass vessels.

The Great Outdoors

The temperatures are up and so is the sun in extended hours, which means we are taking to the wilderness. And by wilderness we mean outdoor spaces. Nothing feels more like summer than crisp cocktails on a patio with fresh fruit while the sun turns the sky shades of sherbet.

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Let Them Eat Cake

We are excited for our fearless leader to blow out the candles this special month! Cheryl deserves to be placed On the Pedestal. We can't wait to celebrate... and have seconds of cake.

beach bag on the beach GAIA JUNE.jpg

Bag It Up

Have bag, will travel. Whether you travel to the beach, mountains, or city, you will need all the right gear and the right bag to carry it in! We are placing some of our favorite summer travel gear and bags On the Pedestal . Make your summer escape extra special with a bag that isn't just for utility, but shows everyone that you have arrived.

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Windows to Our Soul

Time to open up those shades and let the sun shine in! Natural light streams in and light sup any space in the way only the summer sun can. Placing window treatments On the Pedestal couldn't come at a better time. Whether you fancy plantation shutters, rattan shades, or gorgeous fabric draperies, your window treatments are like putting on mascara-- it makes the whole place pop!