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Gallery Walls

There is something sweet and special about gallery walls. The deconstructed method to the chaos kind of look you get with a gallery wall tells a story in your space. From family photos, to meaningful art, to cool vintage finds, we are placing gallery walls and all that you display on them On the Pedestal!

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We love the curated look of a gallery wall. Mixing media brings out a mix of photography, art, and other textiles that liven up a room and make it really special. One way to approach it is to go the museum wall route, which is to make the outer perimeter of the whole wall a symmetrical shape-- a square or rectangle, mostly likely-- and keep your wall works within the border. This is a simple way to make it look uniform without actually having to size out frames, but it keeps a clean look. This way, you can finagle inches of difference, but the whole area keeps a strict shape. Museums, as mentioned, use this trick. It is like a calm to chaos and it gives an eclectic, but uniform look. Another way to dress up your walls is to actually keep it uniform. Use rows and columns evenly spaced with the same frame. This works well for our more particular and meticulous friends who love the idea of a gallery wall, but don't want to surrender to the mix-and-match kind of feel.

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While considering what you are hanging on your wall, take time to consider what your backdrop is. Rich shades of blue and azur make the white space on photos and art pop, while natural brick becomes a piece of the art itself! Don't be afraid to work your backdrop into the gallery wall. If you don't want to commit too much, you can always add shelves for your frames. This allows you to swap out your display as frequently as you like, without the hassle of re-organizing your whole scene. Adding a small natural element, like a succulent, to your shelves works to give the space a warm, eclectic feel.


One of the reasons we love gallery walls is the mix of items. From handwritten love letters, to art, to family photos, gallery walls are a beautiful way to personalize your space. Adding mixed media doesn't just allow your space's character to shine, however, it also adds depth and interest to a space.