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Florals for Spring

Florals for spring. Groundbreaking, right? Maybe its the darker shades throughout winter or the actual thaw, but we love florals and greenery especially this time of year. Faux or fresh, in print of a terra-cotta planter, spring has sprung and we are ready for our greens.


Our mothers always did tell us to eat our greens, and we are devouring them this spring! Greenery, faux or real, we love how these natural beauties just work! We love that the color is an instant mood lifter. Plants work really anywhere-- shelving, windows, bedside tables, even in the corner stacked amongst baskets-- plants add interest in height, depth, and dimension.


If your plants are faux, this is a place to spend a little extra of the other kind of green. The jig is kind of up with cheap fakes and they don't do the job very well. Check the stems and see that those look real and choose a pretty pot or vase to put them in. Also putting your faux plants in places they would actually grow helps too!


There is something happy and inviting to fresh flowers. If you notice, its a design trick too when staging and photographing a space! They simply brighten and liven any space. Keep flowers fresh by changing their water frequently and spritzing with a little bit of water straight to the flower when they look wilty. Fresh water, sunlight, and a little spray of water can keep your buds lasting over a week.


As Miranda Priestly so aptly reminded us, floral prints in spring time isn't exactly trendy-- which is exactly why we love it. Floral prints bring beautiful shades together and liven up any wardrobe or space. All prints give great depth and life to an outfit or a room, but they also act as a neutral when paired with complimentary colors. And florals take a sophisticated edge when placed on a darker background.