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February Finds

It's that time of year when we transition slowly, but surely to Spring. We are placing some lovely colors, pieces, and textures On the Pedestal this month that hold their own in February and beyond! From our Vendor Spotlights to our favorite color this month, we are loving the way different shapes, textures, textiles, and pieces both old and new can make any space special.

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Living Out Loud

Want a show stopper? Do something, anything, in hot pink! We are head over heels for this fun, fabulous shade. It is the wilder, younger sister of the sweet blushy tones we have been seeing all year. A hot pink wall, desk chair, even a hot pink bouquet of peonies has mood-lifting properties to it. Pink exudes confidence without arrogance, while also being soft and approachable. This hue so signature to girly fun has a business side too when paired with an acrylic desk and gold details. With just the right balance of blue and red undertones, hot pink compliments all of its surroundings, a true team player in the color world!

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1st Dibs

1stdibs is an online marketplace for the most sophisticated designers. To classify these pieces as treasures is an understatement. What started with founder Michael Bruno collecting pieces in Paris (a delightful image unto itself!), to the global marketplace that 1stdibs has grown to, this is one of the hottest destinations for those wanting unique and attention-grabbing pieces.

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Velvet Touch

Luxe on a whole other level, and now it’s established its place as a year round textile! What was once a fashion faux paux is now a fashion forward choice, and the same goes for interiors. We are placing velvet On the Pedestal because its gorgeous rich texture brings out the best in all the colors of the rainbow.


Mirrors, The Fairest of All

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? These mirrors would reply that they are! Bring light and luxury to any space with a mirror. Not only does it reflect the natural light already in the room, but it elongates and lets the space grow. Mirrors aren't just for walls, either. We love a well placed mirrored coffee table or set of drawers. Antiqued or fresh, clean lines, mirrored pieces are synonymous with statement pieces. Don’t be bashful with your mirrors either, these are pieces of art. We love these ornate pieces that command all eyes on them.

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We are placing acrylic On the Pedestal. We can’t get enough, whether it’s a drawer pull or a ghost chair, acrylic embodies that less can, in fact, be more. These incredible items look contemporary, but not cold; minimalist, but not minor; luxury, but not over the top.

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Patina actually means “an impression or appearance of something,” and our impression is that the appearance of patina is worthy of being placed On the Pedestal! When copper ages, it takes on a new dimension due to the oxidation over long periods of time. This ageing doesn’t actually age a piece though, it gives it rich tonal changes that make us wonder if older is better. From sea foam green to brilliant turquoise, we are seeing more and more pieces purposefully oxidized to create the perfect patina.

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Janet Wiebe Antiques

Janet Wiebe is a local antique vendor specializing in pieces from France, Belgium, Spain, and Italy. These jaw-dropping stunners are frequent loves of CDB Interiors and our clients. Her inventory is constantly changing with every trip to Europe, and it’s love at first sight for us. Each piece tells a story, something as complicated and lovely as the previous owners' themselves. We love how Wiebe's pieces' stories translate into our clients' homes and the story continues to be told, but a chapter starts anew. What story will Janet Wiebe's Antiques tell in your space? February might be the month to find out!

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Needle and Thread

We love seeing needlepoint make a glorious comeback! Whether it’s vintage or brand new, we love the depth and richness these unique pieces bring. From bathroom vanity pedestals to pillows, we are seeing needlepoint add texture and prints in otherwise bland designs. And because fashion and interior design tend to trend together, we are loving needlepoint make its way in fashion too. Stubbs and Wootton have a long standing tradition as the go-to for needlepoint loafers and in his and hers designs for all styles. A local Houston vendor By Paige has delightful designs as well.