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Dark Wood

We love seeing dark woods come back. Darker stains, paints, and shades make lighter walls seem taller and the room seem bigger. Give a room depth and extra space with darker floors and add square footage without knocking down a wall. Dark wood doesn’t end with the floors, we are jumping on board with dark furniture and wooden accents as well. Dark pieces are stately and attractive; they hold their own and look grown up and sophisticated.


We love seeing a juxtaposition of the light and dark. We aren't leaving darker paint shades out either, they've earned their place #OnthePedestal. Shades of green, navy, even black give a stark and dramatic look to any space. Consider reversing what might be a more knee jerk vibe of white cabinetry. Darker stains or paints give the same kind of pop, but with more of a statement and certainly a personality. Contrast in texture, textile, and palate all work with one another, rather than against. You don't have to go all out either, we love the contrast of trims, beams, and cabinetry! Don't buy into the lie that to let a space be bright, you have to go all white; in fact, adding darker shades allow the brights to be even brighter.