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Colored Appliances

Colored appliances, a once retro look, is in and chic as all get out! We love color and needn't be afraid of it, including in our appliances. No need to hide our appliances behind panels or wash them out with stainless steel any longer, let your true colors show! Colored appliances are easier to clean and show fewer smudges, but practicality aside, the color softens up a room usually full of functionality. Stainless steel can be sleek, or it can make you feel like you're working in an operating room. The warmth of color makes the kitchen inviting and especially brings open floor plans to a focal point-- the place we gather! And with kitchens being the most occupied room in the house, we love giving this space a little love.

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Whether you commit to the whole kitchen or to just the small appliances, these colored pieces brighten and lighten spaces up. A pop of color the counter might be all you need to tie in dish towels and place settings. Keeping a theme throughout ties in the rooms and details that surround your home. Colored appliances allows for the story to not stop in the kitchen, but to continue to unfold. Primary colors make bolder statements, while complimentary shades and pastels take a softer atmosphere. We love how these retro looks are coming back and giving stainless pieces a run for their money!

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Color shy? We get it. And appliances aren't small purchases, but, these metallics offered in shades other than stainless sure do liven up their spaces! We love the warmth that radiates from tones like copper, rose and yellow gold. Making the room we center our lives around inviting makes the tasks needed to be tackled there more likely to be accomplished. These metallics can be bolder when set next to white or grey cabinetry, or a lovely compliment with darker woods. Go bold or go subtle, we love how our kitchens can go from a place of function to a place of fun with these appliances!