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Cheryl Baker

Our fearless leader and founder, Cheryl Devine Baker believes in the following quote when it comes to space: “ Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful” (author unknown). Making places and spaces livable, beautiful, and reflective of each and every client’s personal aesthetic is Cheryl’s primary inspiration.


Heralding from Amarillo, Texas, Cheryl has spent most of her life in Houston and the city certainly claims her. Her two children Marshall (24) and Blaire (28), her love of animals, and her love of this city inspire her as well. This year, Cheryl hopes to travel overseas and to find more balance between work and home life– a delicate line when many of our clientele are dear friends, making work seem less like work, but more like an adventure together. Interior design is an intimate business. It requires letting people inside your homes, your budgets, and what exactly makes your world go round. It is these relationships that Cheryl thrives off of, and she hopes to continue to grow these friendships in the years to come.


Blaire Baker

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Marshall Baker

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Cheryl places her favorite shoes, movie, and, of course, her family On the Pedestal. She loves her Nine West Fair Game satin platform sandals. She loves the extra height and comfort. Cheryl’s favorite movie is Same Kind of Different As Me. And it’s hard to beat a movie night with a glass of J Vineyards Pinot Noir. She loves these amazing pillows by Tribute Goods with the vintage celestial maps. She is drawn to things that are unique and tell a story. Cheryl enjoys traveling and hopes that she will get out of the country in the next year, but loves traveling stateside too. When you choose CDB Interiors as your designer, you aren’t selecting a service, but people. To quote Mike De Giulio, “Design trends come and go, but I get my cues from how people want to live.” That is Cheryl’s first order of business, understanding how her clients want to live– and then creating a space that is uniquely theirs.

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Lastly, meet our office cat Sheldon. He is the unofficial mascot of CDB Interiors and has yet to meet a client he doesn't like. He prefers to be in attendance at all meetings and makes sure his presence is known, especially by newcomers.

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