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April showers bring April pastels, geodes, subway tiles, and the DASH Market! That's how the poem goes, right? We love the breath of fresh air that is spring, and with this sweet season comes precious pastels. We are placing classics with twist, like subway tiles, and more contemporary items, like geodes, On the Pedestal this month. We can't wait to see these lovely items highlighted at the DASH Market in Houston, coming April 26-29th!



Spring simply calls for pastels. The gorgeous almost watercolored softer shades deserve a place On the Pedestal. Easter is a fabulous time for these gentle colors to make a bold entrance into our wardrobes, but our spaces as well! Pastels are calming and give a serene atmosphere to any space. Mints, butter yellows, blushy pinks, moody blues, and luscious lilacs should invade any and every space as far as we are concerned.


Subway Tiles

Originated by designers George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge, this 3-by-6-inch rectangle was first seen in a New York subway station. The tiles moved as quickly as the subway into bathrooms and kitchens across the country. Bright, easy to clean, and sleek, subway tiles work in the running bond pattern or in unexpected herringbone patterns. We love the ways our clients use subway tiles in their spaces.



Geodes and agate will rock your space! We love these natural minerals and seeing all the ways they get used in our spaces. From coasters to lamps and even agate inspired wallpaper and duvets, the way geodes bring a unique ombre coloring and depth to a space. Geodes are actual mineral deposits after pockets of lava form silica over time. Well, as far as design trends go, geodes time is now!


DASH Market

Houston, we have an answer to all the antique and interior markets around the state! DASH, Design. Arts. Style. Home. In the fabulous (and air-conditioned!) Silver Street Studios we can find anything from mid-century to French antique, to sleek minimalistic contemporary pieces. And it's not just furniture and home accessories, there are fabulous lines of jewelry and clothing too. The DASH Market starts April 26-29th, and we are counting down the days!