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Last Saturday, CDB Interiors was humbled and honored to be a part of the Access/Design event at The Houston Design Center. Several days of sample sale, designer discussion, food and fun commenced to bring the design world of Houston together!

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The Access/Design event, held Saturday August 25th, highlighted several local interior designers and their influence and vision for interior design. CDB Interiors was honored to be included and asked to speak into The Gray Sofa Project and the use of a simple piece to center a room around. Cheryl spoke about simplicity not meaning banal, but rather allowing elegance to flourish in all different aspects. Highlighting the gorgeous art, furniture, and details in our Gray Sofa Project space demonstrates the easy way to use many different colors, textures, and mediums to make a traditional space.

We would like to thank The Houston Chronicle, Diane Cowan, and The Houston Design Center for this fabulous event and the lovely local collaboration!